• About ME

    Ten years Global experience in Online Marketing, Content Writing, Business Consulting.

    I first studied Economics in India from 1997 to 1999, which included work in International Economics, Developmental Economics and Microeconomics. I also studied Financial Management from 2000 to 2001 in India, which included work in International Finance, Financial Accounting and Asset Management. In 2013 I became co-founder & Marketing Head of SAM & NEEL Online Consulting Platform. In 2018 I became co-founder of WRITE & DESIGN.


    I specialize in:

    • All aspects of Online Marketing (Online Social Media, Email Campaigns, Online Brand Management) 
    • Specialized Writing & Designing (General, Creative, Travel, Health, Business, Management, Marketing) 
    • Business Management (incl. Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management) 
    • Online Consulting in the areas of Online Marketing, Online Business Development, Global Business Expansion and Entrepreneurship. 



  • Education



    Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics


    MA Economics

    International Economics, Developmental Economics, Microeconomics



    Annamalai University


    MFM in Financial Management

    International Finance, Financial Accounting

  • "A life without stories, would be no life at all."


    Alexander McCall smith

  • Areas of Practice

    Online Marketing

    Online Social Media, Email Campaigns

    Content Marketing

    Blogs, Emails, Articles

    Online Consulting

    via SAM & NEEL Online Consulting Platform

    Global Business Expansion

    Emerging and Developed Markets

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    I'm available for Online Freelance Assignments and Consulting Projects.